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  • AALAS Learning Library https://www.aalaslearninglibrary.org/
  • Versuchstierkunde online http://vtk-online.de 
  • online LAS Master's Program starting Aug. 2014 (Eastern Medical School, Norfolk VA, USA)

    To Whom It May Concern
    I would like to inform you that Eastern Virginia Medical School (Norfolk, VA, USA) has launched a new Online Laboratory Animal Science (LAS) Master’s Program starting in August 2014. This program is designed to assist our students to pursue their carriers in animal science including facility management, research and veterinary medicine. We started promoting our new program during last AALAS meeting at Baltimore, MD (October, 2013) and there was a great interest toward our new program at that meeting.

    Since our program is mostly Online (students are required to be present in our campus for only one week during summer semester during entire 2 years program) we think there are many international students who may be able to benefit from our master program, especially in your member European countries.

    Therefore I would like to ask for your help to inform your members about our new master program. I appreciate if you can let me know a way to communicate this information, possibly through newsletters, with your member organizations and through them to many potential students who may benefit from this distance learning opportunity. I have included a PDF version of our LAS brochure for your information or to pass it to interested parties. Also our website, www.evms.edu/las <http://www.evms.edu/las> has much more information about this new and exciting program. 

    If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Thank you,
    Alireza Hosseini

    Assistant Professor and Program Director
    Phone: 757-446-5634 |7: 757-624-2270|email: hosseia@remove-this.evms.edu
    School of Health Professions
    Laboratory Animal Science Master’s Program
    Eastern Virginia Medical School
    700 W. Olney Road | P.O. Box 1980 | Norfolk, VA 23501-1980 | WWW.EVMS.EDU <http://www.evms.edu/>