Financial support is available from ICLAS for meetings, workshops, classes, and development of educational materials. Submit funding applications for 2023 educational initiatives via the ICLAS Regional Committees. The ICLAS Governing Board will meet June 11 and 12, 2022. At this time, applications for funding of activities for 2023 will be reviewed and voted on by the board. Information about the regional committee funding and an application may be found here. Deadline for receipt of applications is May 25, 2022.


Hold the date: ICLAS General Assembly will be held the afternoon of June 16, in Marseille, France, just after the closing of the FELASA Congress, in the congress venue, Samena Room.  The ICLAS Governing Board will briefly review the accomplishments of the past year, plans for 2023, and details of the budget. All ICLAS members and interested parties are encouraged to attend.


The Federation of Hispanic Societies and Associations for Laboratory Animal Science of North America, Central America and the Caribbean (FeSAHANCCCAL) held a virtual conference in Spanish on 11 May, 2022 at 1700 hours (Central America Time): „Importance of bedding in the welfare of laboratory animals“ given by Dr. Javier Eduardo Nieto Pico.  Information may be found here.


The Argentine Association for Science and Technology of Laboratory Animals (ACCyTAL) is offering a series of talks on Bioethics in Animal Experimentation. Upcoming talks (in Spanish) are

19 May: “Development of an Artificial Feeder for hematophagous insects“ by Dra. ClaudiaVassena.
9 June: „Preregistration of animal studies: why and how?“ by Julia Menon.
30 June: „Bioethics in humane endpoints and euthanasia of laboratory animals“ by Mg. Lucero Ivette Becerril González.

Information may be found here.


The World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) announces the official version of Part B of the report of the February 2022 meeting of the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Standards Commission (the Code Commission) can now be downloaded from the OIE public website here.

The European Animal Research Association (EARA) will once again co-ordinate the “Be Open about Animal Research Day – Get on #BOARD22”, a 24-hour global social media campaign to celebrate proactive communication about the use of animals in research that will take place on the final day of this year’s FELASA Congress in France on Thursday, 16 June 2022. This initiative welcomes all institutions across the globe aiming to celebrate the increasingly proactive approach by the biomedical community to communicating about animal research. Last year, examples of initiatives across the world on Twitter, included statements from partners, case studies & articles, #TransparencyThursday Q&As, live events, and videos & live streamed interviews. The key details for #BOARD22, are described in the guide, including these deadlines: ·  Registration: Friday, 29 April – apply here.   ·  Send your material: Friday, 6 May.
For more information contact BOARD Global Campaign Coordinator, Ana Barros

The Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA)  15th Congress will be held June 13-16, 2022 in Marseille, France. Registration and information may be found here. FELASA 2022 will offer a high-quality education programme around the theme “Communication in Animal Research”. Participants will learn from the most up-to-date research, connect and network with colleagues and get to know about state-of-the-art technology in the field by meeting with industry representatives. The preliminary programme is available on the congress website.